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Solar Panel Crack Detector & Mechanical Load Tester

Static Mechanical Load Test (IEC-61215) | Cyclic Mechanical Load Test (IEC-TS-62782) | New Highly Accelerated Tests

A better way to bend

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LoadSpot mechanical load testing of solar panels
LoadSpot with panel


  • Vacuum/air-pressure from rear side
  • Full access to front side for EL & IV
  • Integrated EL camera
  • More uniform loading than suction cups

Ramped load EL video of solar panel

Using BrightSpot Automation’s mechanical load tester (LoadSpot) and EL video camera, the front side load is ramped from 0 to -5400 Pa to create cracks in the solar cells.

Deflection mapping

LoadSpot software
LoadSpot data graph

Look while you Load: Competitor’s panel vs. your panel?

0Pa front pressure