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BrightSpot Automation installs CellSpot-EL/PL system for Perovskite stability investigations at University of Colorado, Boulder 

BrightSpot Automation CellSpot at CU Boulder

BrightSpot Automation today announced that it has installed a CellSpot-EL/PL system at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the laboratory of Prof. Mike McGehee.  BrightSpot staff worked closely with graduate student Isaac Gould on the customization of the tool for application to Perovskite solar cells, including changes in photoluminescence illumination wavelength, camera filters, electroluminescence power supply control down to the sub milliamp level, and automated time series image collection to observe degradation over time.  

“Isaac was a pleasure to work with, and this collaboration was incredibly helpful in optimizing our tool for application to the large potential user base of Perovskite solar cell researchers, and we wish him luck at his upcoming MRS conference presentation on May 9,” said BrightSpot CTO Dr. Andrew Gabor.

Graduate student Isaac Gould said, “Both Phil Knodle and Andrew Gabor at BrightSpot were incredibly helpful in testing our cells and customizing their system for our Perovskite cells.  The system installation went smoothly, and we collected great data from the start.  The high camera resolution and sensitivity are enabling very detailed images at quick acquisition times, and this will be critical in our studies of Perovskite degradation modes.” 

CU Boulder Professor Michael McGehee said, ” We really look forward to having spatially resolved information on how well our cells are working.  It will be great to know if we have problems everywhere in the device or only at certain places.”

About BrightSpot Automation, LLC

BrightSpot Automation builds innovative solar cell and solar panel testing equipment.  The company is based in Westford, MA.

About the McGehee Group at Colorado University Boulder

The McGehee group is currently doing research on perovskite solar cells.  The group is inspired to develop technology that can provide humanity with clean energy and solve environmental problems.