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Budget-Priced EL/PL Tool

Budget-priced PL system uses safe red LED light source and a high resolution PL camera within a lightproof enclosure, to obtain contactless images of wafers and cells. Can be configured to look at a single cell within a module. Light sources available separately. Cell probing stage available for EL.

Multi Wafer

Mono Cell

Mono Wafer

PL Wafer and Cell Tester

  • 1 or 2 Photoluminescence Light Sources
  • Power Supply for Light Sources or EL biasing
  • EL-PL Camera with Filters
  • PL for Samples up to 25cm x 25cm
  • EL chuck for cells with up to 9 busbars
  • Lightproof Enclosure
  • Switch box to go between forward bias EL (normal), reverse bias EL (shunting), and PL lamps
  • Laptop with Average and Stdev Analysis Software
  • Good correlation to iVoc

Photoluminescence Light Source

  • Visible LED Light Source – No Safety Risk from IR Lasers
  • Filtered to Remove IR “Noise”
  • Variable Intensity up to 1/3 Sun
CellSpot PL Light sources diagram

CellSpot operation