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Daytime Electroluminescence imaging in a darkened van or elsewhere

Test modules in the field prior to installation, even during daytime

Ship, drive or carry test stand and camera system to site

Rent cargo van near site (e.g. – U-Haul)

Cycle time ~1min per module including loading/unloading

Find in the field

  • Cracks in silicon solar cells
  • Wire soldering problems
  • Wire breakage
  • Potential Induced Degradation
  • Thin-Film Shunting

Customers Include

  • System installers
  • System Quality Assurance Testers
  • Module R&D and QC Groups
  • O&M Groups


  • Camera, Lens, and Filters
  • Focusing aids
  • Power supply
  • Power cables to modules
  • Computer with  data acquisition & post processing software
  • Test Stand and shades
Loading a module in the mobELpot
Interior of a U-Haul cargo van with the mobELspot