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Quickly see cell cracks in fielded modules at night

UVF is a fast method to detect cell cracks and hot spots in aged modules. We offer a low-cost handheld flashlight kit for detection by eye, and a high-throughput camera flash based system which can image up to 1000 modules/hour.

Basic UV Fluorescence Kit

  • Small hardcase with filtered UV Flashlight, eye protection, and spare batteries.
  • Shine on aged modules at night to detect cracked cells and other defects.
  • No need to disconnect module cables.
UVF solar panel testing
UVF field kit components


  • UV Flashlight with visible light filtering
  • 2 UV Protection Goggles
  • 4 Batteries
  • Battery Charger


  • Quickly see cell cracks in fielded modules at night
    • No need to disconnect module cables
  • Follow up later with more detailed EL testing
    • Maximize EL throughput by just testing modules with problems
  • Width of crack signature related to age of crack
    • Compare to EL to determine when cracks occurred
  • See other encapsulant-sensitive problems
    • Hot spots
    • EVA yellowing
UVF kit helps see cracks in solar panels at night